The Appraisium Project

Students, we want to help, we want to pass on the things that have taken years of toil and mistakes. We are creatives just like you. We share the same passions, the same goals, the same DNA - CREATIVITY.

Creative education is under tremendous strain, courses are being closed and budgets cut. But the creative sector makes an invaluable contribution to the world, whether its product design, the movies, fine art, the clothes we buy or the cars we drive. Creativity is at the heart of all these things. No one recognises this more than the people that work in the creative sector. So who better to help creative education in it’s time of need.

This question launched us on a journey that ultimately resulted in The Appraisium Project. A platform that connects creative education with the creative industry.

Appraisium provides students a way to access professionals who want to help nurture and encourage their talent.

The knowledge and experience of the professionals multiples what is normally available to students making them more industry relevant and ultimately employable. It will ensure that the creative industries thrive despite the damage being done by the powers that be.

The Appraisium Project is a mission. It’s a rallying cry for creatives to help creatives and make sure that our contribution to human evolution is recognised and continues to grow.

Appraisium should be in every students toolkit.
I'd been looking for ways to help students, to "give something back". Appraisium is exactly what I was looking for.

The platform features the work of the creative professionals. Each piece is chosen at random.

The system has resources for students supplied by the professionals. Tips and case studies on their work.

An eNewsletter promotes courses and events. It also features the latest insights from the professional world.

Appraisium bridges the gap between creative education and industry. It integrates seamlessly with courses and removes all barriers allowing students to get "real" insights into working in the creative world.
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