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Not painting for
30 years was a
really bad idea!
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1974 Doncaster Art College
I painted lots of watercolours as well as doing my course work
I was obsessed with painting people
When I left college I did illustrations whilst I worked in the design studios and agencies...
And watercolours inspired by Homer and Sargent
I joined the Brighouse Art Circle and went to Paris.
Then in 1989
I just stopped
For 30 years I didn't paint or draw
Then in January 2019 I picked up a tablet and did these...
Then this...
I painted my sons
Then it got crazy, I was painting a portrait every day
I found old photographs I took in Paris 30 years ago and I painted them
One day I decided to make some charcoal...
And this happend...
Now I paint or draw almost every day.

What made me want to paint all those

years ago 
never went away.

February 2020

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