The Joy of Portraiture

Let me share with you the Joy of Portraiture. I’ll show a different, more exciting and effective way to make a portrait. I’ll help you to capture more than a likeness and bring your portraiture to life.


I will show you how to rapidly improve your drawing and your approach to portraiture... 

To some this would mean methods and tricks, but that's not what I do. A portrait isn't just simply about painting the eyes using a method to calculate their position. To paint a great portrait you have to paint what's behind the eyes and no amount of geometry will help with that. Sure technical skills help, but you need something more to make a portrait great. Understanding this is the first step to becoming a true portrait painter.

The focus will be on capturing the essence of a person. But it's not always about realism and the secret to doing it well is really all about your emotional connection with them.

My aim is simply to help people create better portraits. I draw and paint portraits every day and I'll share with you my thoughts on portraiture, my approach, my techniques and my struggles. 

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